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Challenges to Indian Federalism

Challenges to Federalism? You’ll need to ask yourself how India can have federalism problems when it’s not a pure federalist country. Well, that’s one thing that is possible in our country. There has been a power struggle between the states and the Central government, with the Centre always trying to centralize all powers to itself.Continue reading “Challenges to Indian Federalism”

Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex

When it comes to providing rights to homosexuals, sadly, the world has been divided. This is primarily because of the spilt opinions that exist in society. The problem with this is that these opinions affect the judgments made in the courts and laws passed in parliament. When an opinion takes the form of law andContinue reading “Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex”

Socialist Feminism

Socialist feminism emerged as a branch of the feminist movement during the 1960s and 1970s which focused on liberating women by restraining economic, cultural and political forces that oppressed women. The theory of socialist feminism expands the Marxist idea of feminism, which focuses on the role played by capitalism in the oppression of women. SocialistContinue reading “Socialist Feminism”


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