When breeze takes over the unsettled dust and crystal droplets put it back to where it belongs, actions so opposite in nature blend together to save the dread. I leaned against the window still with a cup of tea in my hand as I looked outside the window to catch the view with each sip resolving the thoughts-fed tornado while giving rise to a new one. I would not be right when I say that I have always been a keen observant of things around but when the excuses for unrest are exhausted within self; one usually looks for more options around to justify it.

It has always been said that the way a person lives and the way a person carries himself is a reflection of his thoughts and belief system. The authenticity of the statement is questioned by masters of deception who’ve long veiled the inharmonious dealings of thoughts while putting up an orchestra of perfect rhythm and change of notes. The necessity of this has grown through the years to save oneself from the job of explanations and accepting advice enough in number for a manual to get published on ‘Untangling Tangled Thoughts’- bought by everyone, read by none.

Every expression is an outcome of analysis of different possibilities, concluding the best and the worst case scenarios and at the end, settling for the one which might not be the truest reflection of the desirable thought but the designed reflection of the safest thought. This process is long enough to tangle the thoughts more in the unsuccessful haste to untangle an issue when the realization of two opposite actions blending together to save the dread being only an art of nature, hits.

The subtle whistling of the breeze through the leaves and the sound of the droplets striking against the wooden window sill bouncing back to form a tiny fountains of water followed a dictated frequency as I watched the sky getting clearer with each sip. Shades of gray were getting replaced by that of blue and the clouds appeared to lose their weight with each succeeding drop. I pulled a chair to settle down as relaxation eased its way through the body.

What is once welcomed into self gets accumulated with repeated cycles to meet the point where holding it back is less preferable to loosening the weight. Challenging the capability to put up a strong show sometimes extends to the limit where actors just mingle their scripts to deliver dialogues unplanned ending on a conclusion never intended. It is never a monologue where only character vents out on stage but dialogue between the segregations of self, created in mind who direct the play to different endings.

Deliberating too much for too long a time creates confusion making the decision difficult as it proceeds because none of the arguments are discarded but kept on hold to be reconsidered as the fear of doing away with what might turn out to be the better of the arguments guards the outlet. A space is subjected to its limited dimensions and a constant attempt to challenge its capacity ends in breaking down the walls when all it demanded was to open the door and let the unrequired move out; the architecture is destined to work that way. An accumulated vent out resulting in settling for the good is not the work of any human diligence but beyond.

The breeze swayed its way out whispering the last note of goodbye as it passed by. It was clear once again and the orange peeped through the clouds to brighten the terrain and the dust was washed away to reveal the artistry. The tiny droplets still ran down the opened glass in quick motion like tributaries adding to the main flow falling into the adjoining pool of collected water. I took the last sip of tea from my cup and placed it on the table beside to accompany the sketch I was half-way through as I breathed in the last of that breeze.

Solace follows noise and calmness takes over the discord with time. Patience brings the gift of peace when rush promises fake deals prior to the party. A fight with the thoughts is not rare where the soul itself fights for its existence among billions but the neglected part is that the fight is not against those billions but with one who fights his own divisions. The surface does not soak the thoughts here but creates puddles which get refilled every time the space lets loose of what it can no longer contain. The job to strengthen the surface and prevent puddles which render home to tributaries of thoughts because the overflow might just spill its way out. Residue here is not to collect but to destroy as innovation as the deceiving fairy of unnecessary indulgence. Stains evidencing presence are left when trivial thoughts exit but prison is not on every innocent’s bucket list. ‘Let bygones be bygones’ demands ultimate clarity. Nature’ incantation is not for everyone to match and the process does not share its similarity but the end is a result of series of equivalent dealings.

The breeze had seized and calm took over with sparkles proclaiming their victory over the dust. I got up and walked my way through the room that would promise the residence of a well-sorted person. I still would not say that I am a keen observant of things around but when the excuses for unrest are exhausted within self; one usually looks for guidance around to solve it.

Shailza Agarwal from Symbiosis Law School, Noida

You can find her here

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