[Poetry] Is it worth living for … ?

The birthday bashes and

Late night crashes,

Chanting of prayers and

Our cricket team players,

The road rage and

DJ-ing stage,

Marriages and processions,

And those graduating sessions,

International travel and

Vegas gamble,

Noodles and shakes and

The pretty birthday cakes,

Visit to Grandma and grand-pop and

The City life hip-hop,

Basket of roses and

Those proposes,

Theatres and movies,

Shows and promos,

Deadlines and busy life,

Now you have time for your wife,

The masses have stopped

After all the mother Earth have been robbed,

But now it’s healing and re-booting,

And the stars have started shooting,

The night sky is clear,

The pollution is gone,

It’s your prayer that this

disease was never ever born,

A-las! Only eat, sleep, repeat,

And this you can’t cheat,

After all it’s lockdown and

My dear friend that’s

 a complete break-down,

All at still,

Not even a single chill…

And then I woke up!

Neha Juneja from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) Delhi

“I am an avid learner and believes in complete sincerity and dedication since my profession demands so.”

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