[Poetry] Perfection

The quest for daily grind of perfection is what we’ve grown up on since :

The Infant Stage – you better be the perfect chubby and smiling baby in the cradle ;

The Childhood Stage – Make sure you appear all polished and obedient because after all you reflect the values your parents have taught you and play around like there’s no tomorrow. But Hey Society! Don’t you adore my dumbness and foolery? ;

The Student Stage – Damn! The rat-race for marks and never ending academic accomplishments and active participation in co-curricular activities ;

The College Student Stage – Oh! So now I am gonna choose an arena which I will thrive in for the rest of my life. Damn! The quest for my future bread and butter begins ;

The Job Stage – Should I settle with my current job or just improve on further academic accomplishments or just look for a switchover. When will I ever really achieve the ideal target that I’d set according to societal standards? Bleh! ;

The Maturity Stage – So now I think ‘rationally’ and make decisions for my ownself not giving two penny of thoughts about – ‘What will people say?’ ;

The Sudden concern for Marriage Stage – Here comes the parents worrying about your lack of interest in the indulgence of the institution of marriage whereas all you looked forward to was enjoying the monetary independence and living your youth at the fullest ;

The Parent Stage – Performance pressure of an ideal parent in front of your kids. Why? Why cant one be goofy enough and friendly rather than keeping up a highly idealistic responsible behavior infront of their kids? ;

Your Kids Adulthood Stage – I’ve enjoyed being my kid’s partner in crime till date so well get a job ,get out of my house…hehehe. On a serious note though, feel proud and believe in my kid’s judgement and repose faith in their wavering dilemmas and calm them down. Tell them that you believe in them and instead want them to explore their life at their own accord ;

The Old Age Stage – Does the world really care about what I’ve achieved till date. Hell No! Because it’s not the society which keeps me in the game. It’s me and myself who have helped me reach the stage where I presently stand ;

The Death Stage – Life of regrets? Naah! That’s not my perfection. The way I’ve crafted my present comprising of mistakes from the past, to kissing death with open arms to thinking about my next destination – Heaven or Hell? Building perfection from the flecks of imperfection has been my strong game!

Sarvashreshth Ballabh from Department of Law, University of Calcutta

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