Imagine: Stepping Into Someone Else’s Footsteps

This speech is an imitation of LeBron’s powerful speech[1] on ‘Inevitability of Racism in America’ which was delivered in 2017 and was published in an article by Larry Brown with the focus on the issue towards the racial discrimination.

Racism being a major issue within our society, I assume the best way to address this concern would be by considering the state of suffering people was through a speech similar in appeal, target audience, structure and flow to that of LeBron’s. I have emphasised more on the inferior status of the black people and the assumptions made against them.

As you further read the speech, you will notice a few rhetorical devices, well-placed symbolism, alliteration and diction with evidence. Adrift of Pathos is also shown as I appeal to the audience’s emotions by stating pain and fear of the people who are facing the issue. Like ‘Inevitability of Racism in America’, I have used anaphora in sentences as, ‘We need to stop it’ and hyperbole with the words such as, ‘impression’ etc. Imagery has been used in the initial phrases to stimulate the sense of emotions which engages the audience and bring ethos in place.

In this speech, I choose to take the role of an African man ‘Charles Kabore’, who is in his mid-40’s and is a supporter of the major issue of ‘Racial Discrimination’. He voices his opinions on the various organization and media agencies.

 ‘IMAGINE’ Charles Kabore. Friday 8th September 2013. Assembly Hall, New York.

Imagine staying in a body of a dark-skinned person!

Imagine living in the fear of being watched every time you go out to a store and continuously being observed for stealing and such scenes portrayed in many of the Netflix series. How can one not take this as an offence?

Imagine being judged for wherever you go in public and not able to be being themselves since we are getting observed for even afoot, we take forward to what we eat.

Imagine being pointed and mocked at schools, colleges, offices and other workplaces just because you look different, different in the sense of just skin colour. Is that even acceptable?

Why is there so much hatred for people like us? Are we any different from any other human being on this planet Earth? Why is there so much discrimination in the world? It’s the way God created us no one got the choice for the colour of their skin. All these fairness cream endorsements and so many adverts on the same, how does that even matter? The way one is it is beautiful.

As much I am informant, all the holy books such as the Bible, Geeta, Quran have mentioned that all people are created equal and everyone is same but still we judge others. Who gave us this authority to make someone else feel miserable about their skin colour? This world was founded by men of different nations under the principle that everyone was created equal.

Unfortunately, the world is under the impression of superiority and inferiority and that’s where the racial comparison concerns arise. ‘White’ people are considered the superior ones and ‘black’ people are considered inferior. It’s a type of belief almost everyone seems to follow, and racial discrimination is experienced through a spectrum.

When I was born, they called me a son, later I was labelled as a brother. As I grew older, I was called a husband and eventually a father. Above all, they referred to me as ‘Black’, ‘Nigro[2]‘ and so much more. So many labels and none describe my purpose in life. In my knowledge labels are put over non-living things for instance in a supermarket to display its worth but unfortunately, the world has started putting such on humans to describe their worth in the society. How can we simply accept this kind of gesture? It tears one apart for being pointed out their entire life. It becomes a crime to be bought up in a judgemental and racist society. We often fail to realize that this problem won’t come to an end until we stand up and raise our voices against it.

People often take the form of prejudice and stereotyping in the community we live in, for instance, taunting, insulting, name-calling and the uttermost are excluding the people in terms of racial discrimination from the services. The major cause of destroying freedom is our attitude towards the racial race! People tend to face mental health problems and emotional traumas from being insulted and judged every time they leave their house. Being discriminated on appearance can change an individual’s whole life in a negative sense.

We need to stop this! This racism will lead us to nowhere except just ruining a few lives and their coming generations in the long run.

Yes! Various organizations are putting in efforts by spreading awareness for such issues and trying to change the mentality of others, but the difference can only be bought when we all start working together and take some measurements. Measures as giving equal opportunity to show everyone’s skill either in school or at workplaces before being prejudged for not being able to complete the task. We need to start promoting positive relations and teach the younger generation ‘EQUALITY’. We all are a part of the same common humanity and should accept the way every individual is made and enjoy equally with complete dignity and the opportunity to succeed. Accept the way one look, accept the way they talk, accept their background and everything of that sort. Becoming a non-racist is all about becoming someone to whom one’s skin colours won’t matter. Treating everyone equally is what is states. In times when a true crisis arises, when innocent beings are the one’s being attached, we all should get together and fight for humanity. Humanity is what will last for a longer period.



Aishna Kumar from Sharda University, Delhi

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