Find Me Guilty (2006)

Genre – Drama/Mafia 
Run Time – 2h 5m
Rotten Tomatoes – 62%
IMDb – 7/10

Send me to jail. I’m not guilty, but I’m used to it.

– Giacomo ‘Fat Jack’ DiNorscio

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Find me guilty is a 2006 courtroom comedy-drama based on the longest running mafia trial and the longest federal criminal trial in American history that ran for 21 months and led to the acquittal of the 20 alleged members of racketeering charges.

This movies tells the tale of friendship and loyalty showed by Jackie DiNorscio (Vin Diesel) towards his family and friends. Real court transcripts have been used to portray the courtroom dialogue with great adept. This is the story of a man who represented his own case to the jury despite the odds being stacked against him.

His loyalty towards his people is further strenghtened when he rejects a lower sentence in return for testimonies against the other accused. The magnanimity and nobility he has shown extends to forgiving his own cousin for unspeakable crimes.

The screenplay and narrative did great justice to how the case transpired off the reels. The state of affairs of prisons and inmates were portrayed with striking realism. Despite its length and somewhat monotonous courtroom setting, the movie is remarkably captivating.

Why should you watch this? The film had the perfect script; touching with equal parts humour and dramatism. Due to its nature, the movie isn’t particularly thrilling. However, quite strangely, it keeps one engaged while not compromising on accurately portraying DiNorscio’s struggle.

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