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The Law on Superstition in India

No society in this world is a stranger to superstition. Indian society, too, can be considered highly superstitious. The daily life of most people is governed to a large extent by their superstitious beliefs. Be it not wanting to wake up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’ or undertake important work during ‘inauspicious times’,Continue reading “The Law on Superstition in India”

Corrective Labour as a form of Punishment in India

Traditionally, the purpose of punishment for crimes has always been retribution and deterrence. This is evident in the types of punishments meted out to criminals in the past. Traditional punishments involve the offender being tortured and/or killed. However, in contemporary times, the purpose of punishment has changed largely to the reformation of the offender. TheContinue reading “Corrective Labour as a form of Punishment in India”

Implementation of DPSPs so Far

A good indicator of how good a government is is its governing policies. Political parties, while campaigning, in their manifesto, seek to provide voters with a glimpse of what their policies would look like. The governing policies of a good government would align with the welfare of the country and its citizens. Keeping this inContinue reading “Implementation of DPSPs so Far”

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