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Decriminailisation of Abortion Laws In Northern Ireland – An End To A Grotesque Religious Culture

“Thousands of women from North Ireland have abortions every year, outside the law in their bedrooms or England. They will now be able to access normal health care,” said Goretti Horgan, a spokeswoman for the abortion-rights group Alliance for Choice”.[1] Introduction The sudden and tragic death of an Indian woman, Savita Halappanavar, has influenced oneContinue reading “Decriminailisation of Abortion Laws In Northern Ireland – An End To A Grotesque Religious Culture”

Racism- An Unfading Blot on The Indian Society

Racism, xenophobia, and prejudice is prevalent in India. It is an uncanny amalgamation of unconsciousness, prejudices, centurial-old traditions, and discriminatory methods in which communities are nurturing with the additional dining taboos based on the caste. India is always an enigma, a country so large that every state is similar to a different country with itsContinue reading “Racism- An Unfading Blot on The Indian Society”

Data Privacy Laws In The Asian Continent – A Disintegrated Subject

The article here deals with the issue about the data privacy laws that are already in existence in the Asian continent, what further changes they are planning to make in accordance with the changing scenarios. It states that the now organizations and companies must initiate some stringent rules and regulation for data protection and security,Continue reading “Data Privacy Laws In The Asian Continent – A Disintegrated Subject”

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