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A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy

After watching the COVID-19 strain, economies worldwide have strategized their economy saviour plans. India, just like other countries saw its stock market crashing and price of shares falling. India was at a crossroads on whether or not it should consolidate its legislations regarding the investment policy concerning foreign investors and especially with reference to opportunisticContinue reading “A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy”

An Invented Inventor

The legal systems worldwide are at crossroads to review its legislation and further augment it by adding laws that deal with inventions made by Artificial Intelligence. It was 1956 when the term AI was heard[1] and 1988 when the United Kingdom became the first country, to explicitly provide Copyright for an AI work.[2] With theContinue reading “An Invented Inventor”

Right to Information: 2002 to 2020

Imagine a government accounting for every activity and every public authority making the records public, obviously ones not compromising national interest. What would you call a country where the functioning of the Government is opaque and the public authorities refuse to accept their accountability to the public? As of Global scenario, 93 countries have informationContinue reading “Right to Information: 2002 to 2020”

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