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Importance of Judicial Role in Law Making

In India, the successful functioning of Indian Judiciary over the years that fall fundamentally within the legislation raises some real and noticeable concerns such as ‘Judicial Activism.’ Similarly, this part of ‘Judicial Activism’ holds the distance from being a true field among others since the law made by the judge has got enormous recognition throughoutContinue reading “Importance of Judicial Role in Law Making”

Development of Environmental Laws: Indian Perspective

Nature is the common heritage of mankind. To preserve this nature i.e. environment mankind must make constant efforts. When voluntary action of lawmakers fails, a necessary action must take over. By this process, environmental law came into force. Environmental pollution is existing from the time when the evolution of homo sapiens on the planet tookContinue reading “Development of Environmental Laws: Indian Perspective”

Transformation of Employment Laws in India

In today’s world, one of the vital roles of globalization is to transform human livelihoods and therefore mechanisms and products of globalization are likely to have a significant effect on people’s lives. After all, different sections of society are affected by the globalization process, and hard-working people stand out to be affected majorly. As globalization is generally understood as a processContinue reading “Transformation of Employment Laws in India”

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