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National Security Act, 1980: A Draconian Piece of Legislation

National Security Act, 1980 is the legislative action which provides for preventive detention to maintain public order and security in the state. The government has been vested with the power to detain any individual to prevent him from disrupting law and order or for maintenance of supplies and essential services to the community. The ActContinue reading “National Security Act, 1980: A Draconian Piece of Legislation”

COVID-19: Force Majeure and Its Impact on Performance of Contract

We are all aware of the ongoing Pandemic (COVID-19), which has adversely affected human lives across the globe. To prevent its further spread, many countries, including India, have taken various precautionary measures. One such measure is ‘Lockdown’ wherein all economic and business activities are kept on hold for a temporary period. However, it may continueContinue reading “COVID-19: Force Majeure and Its Impact on Performance of Contract”

A Challenge to a Stable Democracy

Free and fair elections constitute the necessary foundation of a healthy democratic society, ensuring that the government acquires authority from the will of the people. The most fundamental principle defining honest elections is that it must manifest the free will of the people. Election and other political processes play a vital role in the qualityContinue reading “A Challenge to a Stable Democracy”

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