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Is all fair in Love and War?

The proverb ‘All is fair in love and war’ is used to explain those situations where humans don’t comply with the regular rules of conduct and perform activities which are considered unfair or otherwise immoral in the eyes of basic societal values. They do so due to the sense of righteousness they somehow create orContinue reading “Is all fair in Love and War?”

Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex

When it comes to providing rights to homosexuals, sadly, the world has been divided. This is primarily because of the spilt opinions that exist in society. The problem with this is that these opinions affect the judgments made in the courts and laws passed in parliament. When an opinion takes the form of law andContinue reading “Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex”

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