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Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles – Coexistence or Friction?

Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution are provided in Part III, from Article 12 to 35. Directive Principles of State Policy, on the other hand, are provided in the succeeding part, i.e., Part IV, from Article 36 to 51. While fundamental rights are those basic rights which every citizen holds universally and are crucial forContinue reading “Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles – Coexistence or Friction?”

On the Road!

Dejected, at being left all alone, They are desperate to go back home! Miserable, that they can’t find solace, In the towns they thought were their own! Those pangs of hunger. That push them out on the road; Those empty pockets, That struggle to keep them afloat; Those heartless wretches, That make them yearn forContinue reading “On the Road!”

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