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COVID-19 and Violation of Rights

During the Covid-19 pandemic, countries around the world are implementing repressive means and methods to curb the spread and keep the situation under control. It is true that no nation was prepared for this sudden outbreak and the rules and regulations imposed aim at protecting the citizens from the health hazard.  For a country withContinue reading “COVID-19 and Violation of Rights”


When breeze takes over the unsettled dust and crystal droplets put it back to where it belongs, actions so opposite in nature blend together to save the dread. I leaned against the window still with a cup of tea in my hand as I looked outside the window to catch the view with each sipContinue reading “Correlation”

Right to Privacy

The Supreme Court in M.P. Sharma and Others v. Satish Chandra[1] , the Supreme Court questioned the presence of a protected right to privacy. However, what the Supreme Court failed to answer is that whether given that right to privacy does form a separate fundamental right in the Indian Constitution, it is incorporated in anyContinue reading “Right to Privacy”

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