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Witch Hunting And Witch Branding Of Tribal Women In Jharkhand

Our Bharat, a secular country of diversity, where every person has been blessed with a right to practice his/ her religion and culture, which have been sensitively moulded up with various kinds of customs, beliefs and practices that are being followed from time immemorial. These deeply rooted social and traditional practices and various religious mythicalContinue reading “Witch Hunting And Witch Branding Of Tribal Women In Jharkhand”

The Metro Diaries

I have seen them disperse,I have seen them scatter…In search of space, in search of a place,In search of peace, in search of solace…All at Once and now, none at all,Standing still, a little afraid to bend,A little more afraid to spend. A pack of wolves and now, just a herd,Pluck out the flowers andContinue reading “The Metro Diaries”

Abuse of Dominant Market Position

The Competition Act, 2002 of India which regulates a healthy competition in Indian markets, ensuring freedom of trade and protection of consumers’ interests, prohibits every kind of anticompetitive activity in the market that can lead to unfair business trade practices. “Abuse of dominance” is strictly prohibited as per this act and sec 4 of theContinue reading “Abuse of Dominant Market Position”

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