She Stoops to Conquer: A Book Review

She stoops to conquer is a satirical drama that depicts the story work within one night where different incidents took place, and chaos that is lucid became the centre of attraction. This play was performed in the year 1773 in London, and since then it is considered as one of the finest drama which isContinue reading “She Stoops to Conquer: A Book Review”

The Metro Diaries

I have seen them disperse,I have seen them scatter…In search of space, in search of a place,In search of peace, in search of solace…All at Once and now, none at all,Standing still, a little afraid to bend,A little more afraid to spend. A pack of wolves and now, just a herd,Pluck out the flowers andContinue reading “The Metro Diaries”

On the Road!

Dejected, at being left all alone, They are desperate to go back home! Miserable, that they can’t find solace, In the towns they thought were their own! Those pangs of hunger. That push them out on the road; Those empty pockets, That struggle to keep them afloat; Those heartless wretches, That make them yearn forContinue reading “On the Road!”

Impact of Meme Culture on Indian Youth

This article gives detailed information about the meme culture, its catalytic impact on Indian youth, the popularity of this culture, the effect of memes on humans and the positive facet of meme culture. This article explains the origin of the word ‘meme’. Also, people make different kinds of memes, some on physical appearances intending toContinue reading “Impact of Meme Culture on Indian Youth”

The Renaissance: Era of Science, Art & Culture

The term Renaissance is a French word which literary means ‘Rebirth.’ The period of the Renaissance marked the revival of European art and literature. It was a cultural movement which started in Italy in the 14th century which later got spread across Europe. It marked the gradual shift from Medievalism to Humanism. Humanism was aContinue reading “The Renaissance: Era of Science, Art & Culture”

The One Who Got Away

I know I became involved with my own particular minimal world, Also, in some cases I have a tendency to overlook, The genuine importance of those little words, Which entered my heart the day we initially met. I look up cautiously, Fearful of being caught, By a crowd of manipulated[1] and demoralizing thoughts, And aContinue reading “The One Who Got Away”

Imagine: Stepping Into Someone Else’s Footsteps

This speech is an imitation of LeBron’s powerful speech[1] on ‘Inevitability of Racism in America’ which was delivered in 2017 and was published in an article by Larry Brown with the focus on the issue towards the racial discrimination. Racism being a major issue within our society, I assume the best way to address thisContinue reading “Imagine: Stepping Into Someone Else’s Footsteps”

Transcending Differences

The first footprints of humankind were made a little over six million years ago, which marked the emergence of the considerably intelligent species following a series of evolutionary stages. This emergence occurred in the present-day African Continent.  It is no secret that we have come a long way since then.  Our intellect enabled us toContinue reading “Transcending Differences”

Yemen Crisis: A Human Rights Violation

Human rights are the basic rights and freedom that belong to every person in the world, from birth to death. They are the rights inherent to all human beings irrespective of their place of birth, caste, colour etc. Generally, the state is the real guardian of human rights and is responsible for any violation ofContinue reading “Yemen Crisis: A Human Rights Violation”

Indira’s Emergency: The Darkest Days of Indian Democracy

25th June, 1975: The Night Was Dark and Full Of Terrors On the advice of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, declared an emergency on the night of 25th June, 1975 which marked the beginning of the darkest era of Indian democracy. With a single stroke of the president’sContinue reading “Indira’s Emergency: The Darkest Days of Indian Democracy”