COVID – 19

India’s Fight Against Health Emergencies – Disaster Management Act, 2005

Our present reality is centred around a global pandemic, one which has no cure yet. World Health Organization pronounced a Public Health Emergency of Intentional Concern on 31st January, 2020 and on 11th March, 2020 announced it a worldwide Pandemic.  The world reacted to this pandemic with procedures, reaction plans and disaster management policies mostContinue reading “India’s Fight Against Health Emergencies – Disaster Management Act, 2005”

Combating Intimate Terrorism

The world certainly is not a stranger to the acts of domestic violence. According to the World Health Organisation 1/3rd women across the globe who have been in a relationship have been subjected to some kind of physical or sexual violence by their intimate partners[1].  Research proves that in crises, there has always been anContinue reading “Combating Intimate Terrorism”

Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter

Artwork by Kirstie Bones for Right to abortion is recognized in the Indian constitution under Right to Privacy and personal liberty under Right to life.[1] Hence, India, even though does not have ideal reproductive laws, has an ideal spirit of liberalization inculcated in its Constitution. On March 25, India imposed a nationwide lockdown dueContinue reading “Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter”

A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy

After watching the COVID-19 strain, economies worldwide have strategized their economy saviour plans. India, just like other countries saw its stock market crashing and price of shares falling. India was at a crossroads on whether or not it should consolidate its legislations regarding the investment policy concerning foreign investors and especially with reference to opportunisticContinue reading “A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy”

Suggested Amendments to the Epidemic Diseases Act and Disaster Management Act in light of COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken an uncontrollable toll in the world as well as the country. To control the disastrous effect of the virus, the country has been put under a continuous series of lockdowns and measures like quarantine have been taken. We still have not been able to contain the virus wholly form spreading. In thisContinue reading “Suggested Amendments to the Epidemic Diseases Act and Disaster Management Act in light of COVID-19”

Farmers’ Reforms: ECA and APMC

Last week while announcing the stimulus package for the economy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a long-pending agricultural reform – the centerpiece of the third tranche of the economic stimulus – a package to make farmers “Atmanirbhar”. This was announced with a view to provide a stimulus for enacting a central law to permit barrier-freeContinue reading “Farmers’ Reforms: ECA and APMC”

COVID-19 and Violation of Rights

During the Covid-19 pandemic, countries around the world are implementing repressive means and methods to curb the spread and keep the situation under control. It is true that no nation was prepared for this sudden outbreak and the rules and regulations imposed aim at protecting the citizens from the health hazard.  For a country withContinue reading “COVID-19 and Violation of Rights”

Public Health: The Need to Shift from State to Concurrent List

As India is going through lockdown 3.0, the discipline demonstrated by the “Janta” during this period is commendable. It is conveying a beautiful message that citizen-government cooperation can be very effective in controlling the menace of the coronavirus. Wearing masks in public, washing hands regularly, using sanitizers and maintaining social distancing has become an importantContinue reading “Public Health: The Need to Shift from State to Concurrent List”

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