Family Law

Combating Intimate Terrorism

The world certainly is not a stranger to the acts of domestic violence. According to the World Health Organisation 1/3rd women across the globe who have been in a relationship have been subjected to some kind of physical or sexual violence by their intimate partners[1].  Research proves that in crises, there has always been anContinue reading “Combating Intimate Terrorism”

Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter

Artwork by Kirstie Bones for Right to abortion is recognized in the Indian constitution under Right to Privacy and personal liberty under Right to life.[1] Hence, India, even though does not have ideal reproductive laws, has an ideal spirit of liberalization inculcated in its Constitution. On March 25, India imposed a nationwide lockdown dueContinue reading “Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter”

Hindu Women’s Property Rights

India is a religiously diverse country. Religious norms and laws are the principle source of the codified personal laws governing marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, guardianship and separation. These laws vary with the person’s religion, faith and culture. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 (hereafter, HSA) is a personal law legislature which governs intestate succession of aContinue reading “Hindu Women’s Property Rights”

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