International Law

A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy

After watching the COVID-19 strain, economies worldwide have strategized their economy saviour plans. India, just like other countries saw its stock market crashing and price of shares falling. India was at a crossroads on whether or not it should consolidate its legislations regarding the investment policy concerning foreign investors and especially with reference to opportunisticContinue reading “A Glimpse of India’s Desperation for Change in its FDI Policy”

Prohibiting the use of Force

The provision in the UN Charter relating to the prohibition on the use of force by a state in their relations with each other has been discussed through this article. One of the primary goals of the United Nations as per Article 1(1) of the UN Charter to maintain international peace and security. To achieveContinue reading “Prohibiting the use of Force”

Nuremberg Trials and the Birth of the International Criminal Order

Almost 75 years have elapsed since World War II came to a close. After the Axis powers surrendered, the postwar world was shocked by the xenophobic Nazi ideology that regarded Jews as “parasitic vermin”. This led to the annihilation of millions of Jews, including prisoners of war and dissenters, and took away the lives ofContinue reading “Nuremberg Trials and the Birth of the International Criminal Order”

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