Artificial Intelligence in The World of Intellectual Property Rights

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in this world for quite some time yet it still doesn’t cease to amaze us. It all started when in 1955 the “Logic Theorist”, was used to do automated reasoning, by Newell and Simon. AI is reaching new heights every day as it can cook, sing, talk and do allContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in The World of Intellectual Property Rights”

2040 A.D.: Artificial Intelligence marks its superiority in the Legal Profession

Science, technology, innovation and development has been dominating this 21st century by establishing its supremacy over almost every facet of our daily lives. With the fusion of technologies and remarkable innovations like 5G, Quantum Computing, 3D printing, Energy Storage and many more, this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is escalating at such exponential pace.Continue reading “2040 A.D.: Artificial Intelligence marks its superiority in the Legal Profession”

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession

India is the largest democracy in the world and has a population of more than 135 crores, the country is plagued with the problem of shortage of resources in almost every sector and the Indian Judiciary is not an exception. Just like our economy, our judiciary is also developing. Unlike developed countries, where trials usuallyContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession”

An Invented Inventor

The legal systems worldwide are at crossroads to review its legislation and further augment it by adding laws that deal with inventions made by Artificial Intelligence. It was 1956 when the term AI was heard[1] and 1988 when the United Kingdom became the first country, to explicitly provide Copyright for an AI work.[2] With theContinue reading “An Invented Inventor”