Institutional Arbitration: The Basics

Relationships are single and vulnerable “threads” which when tightened can be easily broken, this particular sentence becomes more relative and absolute when talking about commercial disputes. Where unnecessary conflicts arise between two or more parties arising out of common purposes such as money or work, they are solved by the arbitration committees and panels appointedContinue reading “Institutional Arbitration: The Basics”

The Essential Services Maintenance Act and COVID-19

A Brief Description of the Essential Services Maintenance Act and its Salient Features. The fortieth Act of 1981 is a relatively shorter one consisting of just 14 sections. As the name suggests, the Act postulates certain ‘essential services’ and aims at the maintenance of the same along with the ‘normal life of the community’. ThereContinue reading “The Essential Services Maintenance Act and COVID-19”

Alternatives to Imprisonment within the Criminal Justice System

A lot of developing countries are finding it tough to manage their prisons. Such over populated penal institutions only provide inadequate living conditions to inmates and this affects the both physically and psychologically.  They have to be detained for long periods and these prisons are usually unable to carry out the tasks of training andContinue reading “Alternatives to Imprisonment within the Criminal Justice System”

Dialectical Materialism as proposed by Karl Marx and a History of Capitalism

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. Marxism, or Scientific Socialism, is the name given to the body of ideas first worked out by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895).[1] In their totality, these ideas provide a fully worked-out theoretical basis for the struggle of theContinue reading “Dialectical Materialism as proposed by Karl Marx and a History of Capitalism”