The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Yemen is facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis today as a result of a civil war that began in 2015. In 2019, United Nations estimations revealed that the civil war has left about 80% of Yemen’s population, i.e., 24 million people, in need of humanitarian aid. As per the 2019 estimations, 20 million Yemenis areContinue reading “The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen”

Is Article 35A Constitutionally Valid?

Article 35A conferred certain rights to the Jammu and Kashmir Legislature to restrict citizens of other states of Union of India from residing or settling in three of its provinces which included Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. It became a part of the Indian Constitution through a presidential order, i.e., The Constitution (Application to JammuContinue reading “Is Article 35A Constitutionally Valid?”