The Implied Mandates of The Constitution of India

“No other Constitution in the world has provided so much impetus towards changing and rebuilding society for the common good as the Indian Constitution”. -Granville Austin. There often arises a question as to what role does the Constitution play towards the liberation of chained members of the society? What perception does the Constitution hold concerningContinue reading “The Implied Mandates of The Constitution of India”

Indian Young Lawyers Association V. State Of Kerala (Case Analysis)

“The State is no position to be, nor should it become, the arbiter of religious dogma” Justice Iacobucci, Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem[1] India is a secular country [2] where all religions have endowed with the freedom of religious practice as a major right under Article 25 and 26 of the constitution.[3] The questions of theContinue reading “Indian Young Lawyers Association V. State Of Kerala (Case Analysis)”

Constitutional Morality: A Critical Analysis

The Indian Constitution is a living document that consistently evolving whether by the judicial interpretation or by the introduction of different-2 legislations new dimensions of the constitution are being unfolded which conspicuously tends to uphold the majesty of the constitution. However, the common object of all these various developments of new constitutional dimensions is toContinue reading “Constitutional Morality: A Critical Analysis”