Analysis of Union Budget 2020- Honey or Sweet Poison

Union Budget of a year as defined in the Constitution of India under Article 112[1] is also known as annual financial statement, is a statement of the estimated receipts and expenditures of the government for that particular year. It is also classified as Revenue Budget and Classical Budget. Revenue budget includes the government’s revenue receiptsContinue reading “Analysis of Union Budget 2020- Honey or Sweet Poison”

Asian Development Bank’s Role during the Pandemic

Asia is a geographical region with rising infectious diseases, including those with the potential to be a pandemic. At the same time, the region is fighting with developing antimicrobial resistance and the health consequences of climate change and frequent natural disasters, all of which act as a threat to regional health safety. The causes forContinue reading “Asian Development Bank’s Role during the Pandemic”

The Tussle Between Fundamental Rights and Duties

The Charter of Fundamental Rights is contained in Part III (Articles 12 to 35) of the Indian constitution. The development of our constitution was inspired by historical events of huge importance such as the British Bill of Rights (1689), the US Bill of Rights  (approved September 17, 1787, final ratification December 15) and the DeclarationContinue reading “The Tussle Between Fundamental Rights and Duties”

Enforcement of Directive Principles of State Policy – A Perspective

India, after its independence from years of colonial rule, was looking to establish itself as a country which had its foundational structures strong. As a country, the founding fathers of the nation wanted to govern the nation with a set of rules and regulations that were supreme to undo the years of social and economicContinue reading “Enforcement of Directive Principles of State Policy – A Perspective”

Immigration Law

Immigration law alludes to the national resolutions, guidelines, and lawful points of reference overseeing migration into and expelling from a nation. Carefully, it is unmistakable from different issues, for example, naturalization and citizenship, although they are regularly conflated. Immigration laws differ the world over, just as per the social and political atmosphere of the occasions,Continue reading “Immigration Law”

Regulation of Drones: A Comparative Analysis

“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society” -Bill Gates. The technology sector is developing at a faster pace than expected and is expected to grow further too. One of the examples of technological development is drones. Although they have been present in the past, they didn’t get much attention as they doContinue reading “Regulation of Drones: A Comparative Analysis”