Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex

When it comes to providing rights to homosexuals, sadly, the world has been divided. This is primarily because of the spilt opinions that exist in society. The problem with this is that these opinions affect the judgments made in the courts and laws passed in parliament. When an opinion takes the form of law andContinue reading “Jurisprudential Differences between India & Singapore on Consensual Homosexual Sex”

A Comment on Nirbhaya – The Case That Shook the Country

20th March 2020, four men accused of gangrape of Nirbhaya were finally executed by hanging after more than 7 years. “Justice has finally been done”, said Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother. The death sentence awarded gained support both nationally and internationally as the events of the barbaric and heinous crime committed on the night of 16Continue reading “A Comment on Nirbhaya – The Case That Shook the Country”

Understanding Bestiality Or Zoophilia

Sec 377 of IPC, 1860 deals with the provision of Unnatural Offences, which includes the offences of; Sodomy – anal intercourse or carnal or oral sex by a man with any woman or a man or any animal, which may be heterosexual or homosexual in nature.  Bestiality- any man or a woman having sexual intercourseContinue reading “Understanding Bestiality Or Zoophilia”

Behind the Curtains of the Juvenile Justice System in India

Among the development of many legislations and legal frameworks in the world of justice delivery system in India, the juvenile justice system has seen immense growth in terms of the processes involved and principles administered in ensuring a fruitful outcome for children and society alike. The juvenile justice system, what it is today is aContinue reading “Behind the Curtains of the Juvenile Justice System in India”

Tender of Pardon under the Code of Criminal Procedure

A Pardon is an act of mercy or forgiveness. Tender means “offer”. Tender of pardon thus means an offer of mercy or forgiveness given to a person who is accused of committing, attempting to commit, or being otherwise involved in the commission of a certain offence. A pardon exempts the individual on whom it isContinue reading “Tender of Pardon under the Code of Criminal Procedure”

Case Comment – The Italian Marines Case

The case of Republic of Italy v. Union of India[1] was one that managed to grab eyeballs of the legal fraternity not just in the two nations embroiled in the controversy, but across the entire world. The questions of jurisdiction thrown up by this case dazzled international law scholars and sparked a diplomatic fall-out betweenContinue reading “Case Comment – The Italian Marines Case”

The Study of the Relationship between Mass Media and the Investigative Machinery

For any new happening around the globe, the populace in majority cases, get first-hand information from any of the forms of Mass Media. For the majority, Mass Media forms the primary source of information, giving a greater perspective on a matter concerned. This development of perspective has further led to the development of interaction betweenContinue reading “The Study of the Relationship between Mass Media and the Investigative Machinery”

Negating the elements of Crime in Criminal Law

A very general rule of criminal liability is that all the persons are responsible for the criminal act they commit, however, there are certain exceptions and circumstance which tend to waive the liability. The courts, when it comes to dealing with the accused, provides them with a chance to prove their innocence to free themselvesContinue reading “Negating the elements of Crime in Criminal Law”

Barbiturates aka ‘The Truth Serum’ and its Effect on the Legal World

Imagine an interrogation room and an extremely compliant confession from a suspect wearing a dazed expression readily answering questions. Does it ring a bell? Maybe it reminds you of an old crime thriller you’ve watched where the police try to extract a confession from the prime murder suspect; or a movie depicting a gangster extortingContinue reading “Barbiturates aka ‘The Truth Serum’ and its Effect on the Legal World”

An account of International Criminal Law and International Crimes

Public International Law encompasses various fields of law, some of which represent the culture and tradition of the society, others being continuously evolving in social, economic, and political values. International law has seen growth horizontally and vertically, thereby, embracing the applicable and relevant statutes and reaching out to new states, organizations as well as individuals.[1]Continue reading “An account of International Criminal Law and International Crimes”

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Sexual Harassment at workplace is a problem that is faced by women all around the world and it is not only limited to underdeveloped countries and developing nations but it takes place even in most developed and advanced countries, in every sphere of life women are tried to be oppressed and dominated. Sexual harassment atContinue reading “Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace”

Is the Insanity Defence Used as Loophole for Criminals?

The plea of insanity in criminal defence has had a fascinating and long journey. Punishing a person, who is not responsible for their actions goes against both basic human rights as well as the fundamentals of the Constitution of India. Therefore, the defence of legal insanity appeals to the fundamental principles and excuses those whoContinue reading “Is the Insanity Defence Used as Loophole for Criminals?”

Beyond Prison Bars – Community Service in India

The Indian penal system has been in existence for over a century. Its origins in the written form can be traced back to the quills of Lord Macaulay and many others. The system envisioned was comprehensive and was deemed to be highly effective. However, the lament is that it is unable to keep pace withContinue reading “Beyond Prison Bars – Community Service in India”

Marital Rape: A Myth or a Rephrehensible Reality?

Dibya Prakash Lahiri from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi Rape, more than the perspective of an act of sexual violence is the act of degenerating the society with a vision of not only outraging the modesty of a woman but also ousting the dignity of the physical, mental and psychological being of aContinue reading “Marital Rape: A Myth or a Rephrehensible Reality?”