Law and Cultural Appropriation

The word Cultural appropriation is originally derived from Sociologist writings of the late 20th Century (the 1990s) and is said to be first used by indigenous people of those countries who have had a history of Colonization like Canada and the United States (The Week 2019). In simple terms, it means the use of culturalContinue reading “Law and Cultural Appropriation”

The Plight of Indian Dalits: An overview of Culture and Prejudice

The word Dalit means ‘trampled upon/ oppressed’. The term was first coined by Mahatma Jatirao Phule (1827-1890), a social reformer in Maharashtra, to describe the oppressed condition of the ‘untouchables’ and ‘outcastes’ of Western.[1] Dalits reside all over the world and are recognised by the global community as well. According to the Indian Sociologists, theContinue reading “The Plight of Indian Dalits: An overview of Culture and Prejudice”

The Renaissance: Era of Science, Art & Culture

The term Renaissance is a French word which literary means ‘Rebirth.’ The period of the Renaissance marked the revival of European art and literature. It was a cultural movement which started in Italy in the 14th century which later got spread across Europe. It marked the gradual shift from Medievalism to Humanism. Humanism was aContinue reading “The Renaissance: Era of Science, Art & Culture”

Adam, Eve and…

Every human being in this world is created by God and has to be recognized equally. I am what I am, so take me as I am   – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ‘Transgender’ is an umbrella term and is different from LGB- lesbian, Gay, Bisexual. There is often confusion relating to various concepts related toContinue reading “Adam, Eve and…”