Cybercime Amidst COVID-19

In a time when the world is in turmoil and people are panic buying, it should come as no surprise that cybercriminals are capitalizing on the current scenario. The spread of novel Coronavirus pandemic across the globe has created panic not only concerning health risks but also in the spread of misinformation and cyber-attacks. TheContinue reading “Cybercime Amidst COVID-19”

Escalation Of Cybercrime In India During The Age of Coronavirus

As the whole world came to a halt due to one of the most monstrous calamity hit humankind, the cyber world saw a boom in its engagement and importance. The benefits included easy working from home, online payment, online classrooms, and shopping there came an upward spike in the cybercrime rate. In cybercrime, computers andContinue reading “Escalation Of Cybercrime In India During The Age of Coronavirus”

Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime

The induction of computers in the late 70’s has enabled humans to achieve great degrees of success but has also raised security concerns regarding them and hence resulted in the coining of a new term ‘Cyber Crime’ which has expanded across physical and virtual borders. What is Cybercrime? According to Merriam webster cybercrime is “criminalContinue reading “Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime”