Restoration of Effective Legal Education during the Pandemic

With a surge in the positive cases of COVID-19 accounting to more than 1,82,000 as on 31st May, India turns out to be the seventh-worst affected country according to the reports published by the World Health Organization. The educational sector was one of the first to get affected by the lockdown to prevent the occurrenceContinue reading “Restoration of Effective Legal Education during the Pandemic”

Bullying in Schools: Strategies for Prevention

Bullying is an undesired under-reported activity in schools. It is a problem that might begin at an early age. It has a negative impact on students. So how should parents and educators deal with this growing menace? What is School Bullying? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, bullying is the behaviour of a person who hurtsContinue reading “Bullying in Schools: Strategies for Prevention”

Impact of COVID-19 on Education

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) hit the world very hard. First identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, home to some 11 million people, COVID-19 has become a pandemic in a short of span of 3 month. At the global level, it has surely caused a virtual shutdown of almost all economic; commercial and non commercial;Continue reading “Impact of COVID-19 on Education”