Addressing Feminisation of Poverty

Evidence suggests that there has been an increase in the population of poor women globally, so much so that it has led to the emergence of the phenomenon of Feminisation of poverty.[1] The increasing number of women in temporary employment, part-time and low-income jobs show the category of working poor to be gender-biased.The United NationsContinue reading “Addressing Feminisation of Poverty”

Empowerment of Women with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Development Goal

Gender quality, which is one of the most crucial goals of the 2030 agenda in achieving the 17 sustainable development goals can be achieved only if women are empowered. In the next coming years, we must see more women participating in political, economic, and other fields with equal rights and benefits. What are Sustainable DevelopmentContinue reading “Empowerment of Women with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Development Goal”

Reproductive Rights of Women

The rights of women have always been ignored and women have been considered inferior to men. Even today most societies in the world live with this taboo considering women a minority. Over the years many changes have taken place in the situation of women but not considerably. In a lot of countries especially in aContinue reading “Reproductive Rights of Women”

India Should Say ‘#MeToo’ for Better Harassment Laws

The Vishakha Guidelines was the beginning of a new era for sexual harassment laws, but does more work need to be done? From time immemorial, womxn have faced suppression. Bound to their houses, given no civil rights, regarded as the inferior sex. Times have changed, womxn are no longer as meek and docile. Today theyContinue reading “India Should Say ‘#MeToo’ for Better Harassment Laws”

Where Does India Stand on Abortion Laws?

Abortion as a procedure to terminate a pregnancy has been practised from ancient times by midwives, nurses etc. However, the discussion about Abortion and Abortion laws came up with the second wave of feminism in the world in around 1960s where feminists aimed for civil rights and reproductive rights including the choice of abortion forContinue reading “Where Does India Stand on Abortion Laws?”

Witch Hunting And Witch Branding Of Tribal Women In Jharkhand

Our Bharat, a secular country of diversity, where every person has been blessed with a right to practice his/ her religion and culture, which have been sensitively moulded up with various kinds of customs, beliefs and practices that are being followed from time immemorial. These deeply rooted social and traditional practices and various religious mythicalContinue reading “Witch Hunting And Witch Branding Of Tribal Women In Jharkhand”

Combating Intimate Terrorism

The world certainly is not a stranger to the acts of domestic violence. According to the World Health Organisation 1/3rd women across the globe who have been in a relationship have been subjected to some kind of physical or sexual violence by their intimate partners[1].  Research proves that in crises, there has always been anContinue reading “Combating Intimate Terrorism”

Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter

Artwork by Kirstie Bones for Right to abortion is recognized in the Indian constitution under Right to Privacy and personal liberty under Right to life.[1] Hence, India, even though does not have ideal reproductive laws, has an ideal spirit of liberalization inculcated in its Constitution. On March 25, India imposed a nationwide lockdown dueContinue reading “Indian Abortion Laws During COVID-19 and Changes to Adopt thereafter”

Hindu Women’s Property Rights

India is a religiously diverse country. Religious norms and laws are the principle source of the codified personal laws governing marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, guardianship and separation. These laws vary with the person’s religion, faith and culture. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 (hereafter, HSA) is a personal law legislature which governs intestate succession of aContinue reading “Hindu Women’s Property Rights”

Dowry Death and Legal Protection for Women

“Any young man, who makes dowry a condition to marriage, discredits his education and his country and dishonours womanhood.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi Marriage is a basic unit of society, a source of bliss and merriment. However, one of the longest standing shades of malice related to marriage, especially from a woman’s perspective is the dowryContinue reading “Dowry Death and Legal Protection for Women”