Continuing Mandamus and Environmental Law in India

The right to a healthy environment being a Third Generation Human Right is neither a Fundamental right nor a Constitutional right enforceable by law. Though the Constitution of India imposes a duty on its citizens to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife, and to have compassion for living creatures[1],Continue reading “Continuing Mandamus and Environmental Law in India”

Implementation of Environmental Laws in India

The requirement for insurance and protection of the environment and sustainable utilization of natural resources is reflected in the sacred system of India and furthermore in the global responsibilities of India. The Constitution under Part IVA (Art 51A-Fundamental Duties) throws an obligation on each resident of India to ensure and improve the regular habitat includingContinue reading “Implementation of Environmental Laws in India”

Population Explosion: A Dangerous Reality

Population explosion or growth of population at an uncontrolled rate is one of the major problems India is facing today. In this article, the author wishes to discuss the population growth, its impact on the environment, society and especially on the individual growth of a child along with the role of legislation and judiciary inContinue reading “Population Explosion: A Dangerous Reality”

Development of Environmental Laws: Indian Perspective

Nature is the common heritage of mankind. To preserve this nature i.e. environment mankind must make constant efforts. When voluntary action of lawmakers fails, a necessary action must take over. By this process, environmental law came into force. Environmental pollution is existing from the time when the evolution of homo sapiens on the planet tookContinue reading “Development of Environmental Laws: Indian Perspective”

Environmental Jurisprudence in India

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites…[1] The word Environment has been derived from the French word ‘Enviorn’ which means surrounding. The environment comprises and constitutes of everything around us. The environment consists of all biotic (living organisms) and abiotic (non-living objects) that surround us. Example- When we go outContinue reading “Environmental Jurisprudence in India”

Vizag Gas Leak Case and the NGT

In these chaotic times when human lives across the country are at stake due to the spread of COVID- 19 and everyone is forced to stay indoors, the gruesome tragedy has come as a bolt from the blue. News of the leakage of a hazardous gas called Styrene from the LG Polymers and Private LimitedContinue reading “Vizag Gas Leak Case and the NGT”

Judiciary’s role in Environment Protection

Post-liberalization, the protection of environment was not very significant on account of the need for a modern turn of events coupled with political aggravations. The focus was on expanding the commercial and economic workspace of our country. However, after the Bhopal Gas disaster, making sure provisions were in place to take care of the environmentContinue reading “Judiciary’s role in Environment Protection”