Socialist Feminism

Socialist feminism emerged as a branch of the feminist movement during the 1960s and 1970s which focused on liberating women by restraining economic, cultural and political forces that oppressed women. The theory of socialist feminism expands the Marxist idea of feminism, which focuses on the role played by capitalism in the oppression of women. SocialistContinue reading “Socialist Feminism”

Addressing Feminisation of Poverty

Evidence suggests that there has been an increase in the population of poor women globally, so much so that it has led to the emergence of the phenomenon of Feminisation of poverty.[1] The increasing number of women in temporary employment, part-time and low-income jobs show the category of working poor to be gender-biased.The United NationsContinue reading “Addressing Feminisation of Poverty”

Feminist Critique of Phul Singh v. State of Haryana

The judicial system is supposed to be the pillar of justice. Its aim should be to provide justice to every individual whenever his/her right has been breached so as to correct the wrong which has been perpetrated. Although it is expected of the judiciary to be impartial while adjudicating on any case, the judgments deliveredContinue reading “Feminist Critique of Phul Singh v. State of Haryana”

India Should Say ‘#MeToo’ for Better Harassment Laws

The Vishakha Guidelines was the beginning of a new era for sexual harassment laws, but does more work need to be done? From time immemorial, womxn have faced suppression. Bound to their houses, given no civil rights, regarded as the inferior sex. Times have changed, womxn are no longer as meek and docile. Today theyContinue reading “India Should Say ‘#MeToo’ for Better Harassment Laws”

A Brief History of Feminism and its impact on Modern India

Feminism in its most basic sense is referred to as ideologies, theories, movements which aim and talk about equality for women with respect to other genders in terms of social, political and economic aspects. It aims at acknowledging women as a gender when it comes to giving opportunities and rights. Feminism can be said asContinue reading “A Brief History of Feminism and its impact on Modern India”