Freedom of press vis-à-vis Trial by Media

A media shackled by the Government is a relic of the past. The contemporary media has been called the handmaiden of justice and the watchdog of society[1]. Philip K. Dick rightly said, ”Today, we live in a society where realities are manufactured by the media.” Often hidden under the garb of freedom of speech, mediaContinue reading “Freedom of press vis-à-vis Trial by Media”

The Silencing of Minorities through Law: An Analysis of Vivek Gomber’s ‘Court’

The piece analyses the various nuances of the Marathi legal drama ‘Court.’ It highlights the silencing of dissent of minorities by the State through law and other institutions. It must also be noted that the piece explores the systemic oppression of the Dalits in India, owing to the prevalent caste system. The Dalits have been ‘othered’ by the society at large and they are merely viewed as a ‘labouring body.’ The piece also brings forth the ideas of Biopolitics, Governmentality and Necroplitics which have been introduced by academics like Foucault and Mbembe.

The Law of Sedition in India

It’s baffling that a colonial bequest, which is emanated on the rationale that the citizens are bound to possess a feeling of “affection” towards the state and are prohibited from showing any kind of detestation, hostility or abhorrence towards the government stills finds a significant place to establish its roots in a democratic country likeContinue reading “The Law of Sedition in India”