Socialist Feminism

Socialist feminism emerged as a branch of the feminist movement during the 1960s and 1970s which focused on liberating women by restraining economic, cultural and political forces that oppressed women. The theory of socialist feminism expands the Marxist idea of feminism, which focuses on the role played by capitalism in the oppression of women. SocialistContinue reading “Socialist Feminism”

Women Reservation Bill

Democratization and representative institutions provide the framework for political activity while setting the terminology for citizen participation. Inequalities that describe the idea of political equity as a feature of our social structure are an important component of every democratic agenda. The women’s movement platform encompasses an entire array of issues ranging from the redistribution ofContinue reading “Women Reservation Bill”

Sexual Harassment of Men

Sexual harassment (SH) falls in three different categories that be defined as sexual coercion: occurs when the harasser tries to establish a sexual relationship using job-related threats or bribes.[1] Unwanted sexual attention occurs when the harasser makes romantic or sexual advances that are unwelcome, unreciprocated, and/or offensive.[2] Gender harassment includes hostile behaviour, insults and/or degradingContinue reading “Sexual Harassment of Men”

Gender Neutral Laws for Rape

A crime as heinous as rape has a restrictive definition in the Indian Law. Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code,[1] defines what and what not comes under the ambit of rape with its seven coded situations. The general notion of the crime being only against women has led to it becoming gender-centric and notContinue reading “Gender Neutral Laws for Rape”