Competition Law and COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has proved to be one of the greatest health emergencies in India and across the globe. The epidemic which resulted into lockdown from mid-march, the citizens along with the companies has faced a backlash as everything has come to a halt. The concerns regarding the functioning of the big business houses andContinue reading “Competition Law and COVID-19”

Asian Development Bank’s Role during the Pandemic

Asia is a geographical region with rising infectious diseases, including those with the potential to be a pandemic. At the same time, the region is fighting with developing antimicrobial resistance and the health consequences of climate change and frequent natural disasters, all of which act as a threat to regional health safety. The causes forContinue reading “Asian Development Bank’s Role during the Pandemic”

Continuity of Judicial and Legislative Activities in a Pandemic – An Indian and Global Perspective

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has been the talk of this year. Mankind has come to a standstill with global superpowers losing in the war against our unseen enemy. With no effective measures to contain the raging onslaught, nations have turned to total lockdown as the only possible defensive solution that exists as of now. TheContinue reading “Continuity of Judicial and Legislative Activities in a Pandemic – An Indian and Global Perspective”