Behind the Curtains of the Juvenile Justice System in India

Among the development of many procedures, legislations, and legal framework in the world of justice delivery system in India, the juvenile justice system has seen immense growth in terms of the procedure involved and the principles administered in ensuring a fruitful outcome for children and society alike. The juvenile justice system, what it is todayContinue reading “Behind the Curtains of the Juvenile Justice System in India”

General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and The Indian Scenario

On 15 December 1890, two American lawyers posted an article on the topic “Right to Privacy” in the Harvard law review[1]. They provided a new horizon to the field of personal laws by bringing the Right to be left alone, into the spotlight, which was earlier mentioned by Judge Cooley in his book on Torts.  Continue reading “General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and The Indian Scenario”

Drone Regulations in India

A Drone, in technical terms, is known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Unmanned Aerial system consists of 3 elements: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  Ground Controller  System of connection between UAV and the ground controller. A UAV is an unmanned aircraft (No human pilot onboard) which is remotely controlled by a pilot. The main components of UAVContinue reading “Drone Regulations in India”

Regulating the Field of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Regulatory Efforts

The human brain works like a command centre for the human body, which communicates with other organs of the body. The brain also has many unique qualities like creativity, imagination, and the ability to think. The field of artificial intelligence enables machines to simulate these features of the human mind. The technology of AI isContinue reading “Regulating the Field of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Regulatory Efforts”

Protection of Indigenous Cultural Heritage in India: Laws and Policies

Culture and its legacy play a vital role in various societies around the world. Every different society has developed a distinct culture and has developed its distinguished knowledge and biological resources. This provides a discrete identity to the societies and forms its heritage. The protection of such cultural heritage and traditional knowledge from misuse andContinue reading “Protection of Indigenous Cultural Heritage in India: Laws and Policies”

Single Parent Adoption in India

In the present article, the author has explained laws of adoption in India and how it is varies with different religions while focusing on single parent adoption. Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956[1] deals with laws relating to adoption rights of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews do not get theirContinue reading “Single Parent Adoption in India”

Marine Life and the Law of the Sea

Almost 70 percent of the earth is covered with oceans and seas and contains an immense number of biological diversity. Marine life is an asset that has a huge contribution towards maintaining the environment of the ecosystem as well as the economic prosperity of a country. But in recent years due to waste, dumping, andContinue reading “Marine Life and the Law of the Sea”

The Implied Mandates of The Constitution of India

“No other Constitution in the world has provided so much impetus towards changing and rebuilding society for the common good as the Indian Constitution”. -Granville Austin. There often arises a question as to what role does the Constitution play towards the liberation of chained members of the society? What perception does the Constitution hold concerningContinue reading “The Implied Mandates of The Constitution of India”

Freedom of press vis-à-vis Trial by Media

A media shackled by the Government is a relic of the past. The contemporary media has been called the handmaiden of justice and the watchdog of society[1]. Philip K. Dick rightly said, ”Today, we live in a society where realities are manufactured by the media.” Often hidden under the garb of freedom of speech, mediaContinue reading “Freedom of press vis-à-vis Trial by Media”

Internet Shutdowns: A Constitutional perspective

Liberty and security have always been at odds with each other. The question before us is what do we need more, liberty or security? The pendulum of preference should not swing in an extremity of either of the direction so that one preference does not compromise the other[1]. Free speech has been an experiment fromContinue reading “Internet Shutdowns: A Constitutional perspective”

An Overview of the Juvenile Delinquency vis-à-vis Juvenile Justice System in India

Adolescence is when the very worst and the best impulses in the human soul struggle against each other for possession.[1] Children are uncut diamonds and it is upon us to carve them into finer beings. As Nelson Mandela rightly quoted, “History will judge by the difference we make in the everyday lives of the children”.Continue reading “An Overview of the Juvenile Delinquency vis-à-vis Juvenile Justice System in India”

Indian Young Lawyers Association V. State Of Kerala (Case Analysis)

“The State is no position to be, nor should it become, the arbiter of religious dogma” Justice Iacobucci, Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem[1] India is a secular country [2] where all religions have endowed with the freedom of religious practice as a major right under Article 25 and 26 of the constitution.[3] The questions of theContinue reading “Indian Young Lawyers Association V. State Of Kerala (Case Analysis)”

Analyzing the Roles and Responsibility of Regulatory Bodies in Legal Education

“In a world divided by differences of nationality, race, colour, religion and wealth [the rule of law] is one of the greatest unifying factors, perhaps the greatest, the nearest we are likely to approach to a universal secular religion.” -Tom Bingham These lines by the former chief justice of the United Kingdom require a significantContinue reading “Analyzing the Roles and Responsibility of Regulatory Bodies in Legal Education”

Religion and Women: Solving The Conflict

Recently, the Supreme Court in Shayara Bano v. Union of India[i] declared the ongoing practice of triple talaq unconstitutional. The Court further instructed the central government to make appropriate laws for this. Consequently, the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 has been introduced by the government which even criminalizes this practice withContinue reading “Religion and Women: Solving The Conflict”