Regulating the Field of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Regulatory Efforts

The human brain works like a command centre for the human body, which communicates with other organs of the body. The brain also has many unique qualities like creativity, imagination, and the ability to think. The field of artificial intelligence enables machines to simulate these features of the human mind. The technology of AI isContinue reading “Regulating the Field of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Regulatory Efforts”

Data Privacy Laws In The Asian Continent – A Disintegrated Subject

The article here deals with the issue about the data privacy laws that are already in existence in the Asian continent, what further changes they are planning to make in accordance with the changing scenarios. It states that the now organizations and companies must initiate some stringent rules and regulation for data protection and security,Continue reading “Data Privacy Laws In The Asian Continent – A Disintegrated Subject”

Cybercime Amidst COVID-19

In a time when the world is in turmoil and people are panic buying, it should come as no surprise that cybercriminals are capitalizing on the current scenario. The spread of novel Coronavirus pandemic across the globe has created panic not only concerning health risks but also in the spread of misinformation and cyber-attacks. TheContinue reading “Cybercime Amidst COVID-19”

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

Headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland, World Intellectual Property Organisation, is a global forum for Intellectual Property (IP) service, policy, and information[1]. It is a self-funding agency of the United Nations with 193 members currently. WIPO is a force for progressive change, helping the world take into account public interest and developmental needs. One of their mainContinue reading “World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)”

Child Pornography in India: A Peril of Digitalization

Children belong to the most vulnerable and gullible sect of the society which means they should be protected against all kinds of criminal activities and be provided with a guarded environment. Gone are the days when children were to be kept secured only from any physical danger like kidnapping on their way back from school.Continue reading “Child Pornography in India: A Peril of Digitalization”

‘Zoom’: Zooming in on the PIL to ban the application

The difficult time brought forth by COVID-19 is changing and evolving the human race in all aspects; from new social norms to becoming more digital, the world is completely different. In the fields of education and official meetings, everything has been digitalized and has become the need of the hour. Gaining the most from theContinue reading “‘Zoom’: Zooming in on the PIL to ban the application”

E-Health in India

In 2015, the Health Ministry had made plans to set up E-Health care systems in India, to promote and regulate the implementation of E-Health solutions and to set standards for the health sector. Electronic Health means to get aid and advice from doctors through the means of mobile phones and video chats. This program usesContinue reading “E-Health in India”