Dilution of Labour Laws During COVID -19: A Retrograde Step

Labour Laws have a quite long history in India. India had seen the worst conditions of labourers under the British regime as they created the labour market unregulated and were just focusing on their profit-making industry. Over a century, substantial labour laws have been enacted for the protection of workers and to give them theContinue reading “Dilution of Labour Laws During COVID -19: A Retrograde Step”

Transformation of The Indian Economy

The Corona-virus pandemic has unsheltered the overdependence of various countries on China. The ongoing crisis had brought everything to a halt in China, which sundered the subsisting “supply chains.” Various countries all over the world have paid heed to this gremlin and are now looking to branch out their “supply chains.” They are looking forContinue reading “Transformation of The Indian Economy”

Transformation of Employment Laws in India

In today’s world, one of the vital roles of globalization is to transform human livelihoods and therefore mechanisms and products of globalization are likely to have a significant effect on people’s lives. After all, different sections of society are affected by the globalization process, and hard-working people stand out to be affected majorly. As globalization is generally understood as a processContinue reading “Transformation of Employment Laws in India”