Dilution of Labour Laws During COVID -19: A Retrograde Step

Labour Laws have a quite long history in India. India had seen the worst conditions of labourers under the British regime as they created the labour market unregulated and were just focusing on their profit-making industry. Over a century, substantial labour laws have been enacted for the protection of workers and to give them theContinue reading “Dilution of Labour Laws During COVID -19: A Retrograde Step”

Transformation of Employment Laws in India

In today’s world, one of the vital roles of globalization is to transform human livelihoods and therefore mechanisms and products of globalization are likely to have a significant effect on people’s lives. After all, different sections of society are affected by the globalization process, and hard-working people stand out to be affected majorly. As globalization is generally understood as a processContinue reading “Transformation of Employment Laws in India”

Changes in Labour Laws across India during the 2020 Lockdown

Considering that every introduction is supposed to be given birth with a definition as a peep into the topic, in this situation, that theory fails, massively. Under the Constitution of India, labor falls within the ambit of the concurrent list giving legislating power to both the Central and the respective state government. But while exceedingContinue reading “Changes in Labour Laws across India during the 2020 Lockdown”

The Issue Of Migrants: A Question Of Humanity

The ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc on all of our lives, affecting our day-to-day activities and making us adapt and adjust. However, certain communities of people have to face a much harsher reality due to their underprivileged state of existence. In the past few days, the problems being faced by the migrants stuck in strangeContinue reading “The Issue Of Migrants: A Question Of Humanity”

Pandemic: No strings attached w.r.t Article 21 of Workers

The world, including India, is tussling with a microscopic, deadly enemy named Coronavirus. The contagious nature of the virus has resulted in many of these countries implementing draconian measures, even going as far as imposing complete military lockdowns. India, home to billions, has asked its citizens to stay home to prevent contagion. Scientifically, the onlyContinue reading “Pandemic: No strings attached w.r.t Article 21 of Workers”

Corrective Labour as a form of Punishment in India

Traditionally, the purpose of punishment for crimes has always been retribution and deterrence. This is evident in the types of punishments meted out to criminals in the past. Traditional punishments involve the offender being tortured and/or killed. However, in contemporary times, the purpose of punishment has changed largely to the reformation of the offender. TheContinue reading “Corrective Labour as a form of Punishment in India”

COVID-19 and Violation of Rights

During the Covid-19 pandemic, countries around the world are implementing repressive means and methods to curb the spread and keep the situation under control. It is true that no nation was prepared for this sudden outbreak and the rules and regulations imposed aim at protecting the citizens from the health hazard.  For a country withContinue reading “COVID-19 and Violation of Rights”

Tackling the Indian Migrant Workers’ Crisis

With over 70,756 cases of COVID-19 in India, with 2,293 deaths so far, this outbreak brought another problem along with it. The dismal plight of the migrant workers. What is even more saddening is the unfortunate spread of false news among these people that has instilled fear and anxiety among these people. Several people migrateContinue reading “Tackling the Indian Migrant Workers’ Crisis”