Marital Rape – A Crime that needs to be

The sacrosanct paradigm of marriage is very complex. It involves surmounting intricate hustling and courtship games. The traditional rituals, the exorbitant ceremonies that celebrate the act of marriage consequentially leads to the convoluted requirements of the domestic life of that of a husband or a wife. A married couple shares a very knotty relationship. TheContinue reading “Marital Rape – A Crime that needs to be”

Independent Thought v. Union of India

The judgment in Independent Thought v. Union of India[1] makes it a landmark case in the area pertaining to rape laws. The issue before the Hon’ble Supreme Court was whether sexual intercourse between a man and his wife being a girl aged between 15-18 years amounts to rape, which the bench considered of utmost publicContinue reading “Independent Thought v. Union of India”

Demise by Dowry or Marrying for Harmony?

According to Manu marriage is an essential, ‘Sanskar ’in which every Hindu is obligated to marry. There are two maxims from which we can devise the nature of marriage. The first one is, “conjunctic martitet perminae est de nature” that means the husband and wife should live together in a household. The second maxim, “viretContinue reading “Demise by Dowry or Marrying for Harmony?”

Marital Rape: A Myth or a Rephrehensible Reality?

Dibya Prakash Lahiri from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi Rape, more than the perspective of an act of sexual violence is the act of degenerating the society with a vision of not only outraging the modesty of a woman but also ousting the dignity of the physical, mental and psychological being of aContinue reading “Marital Rape: A Myth or a Rephrehensible Reality?”