Restoration of Effective Legal Education during the Pandemic

With a surge in the positive cases of COVID-19 accounting to more than 1,82,000 as on 31st May, India turns out to be the seventh-worst affected country according to the reports published by the World Health Organization. The educational sector was one of the first to get affected by the lockdown to prevent the occurrenceContinue reading “Restoration of Effective Legal Education during the Pandemic”

Section 295A: Paatal Lok For Filmmakers

The recent web series on the online platform Amazon Prime, by the name of Paatal Lok, has been critically praised by filmmakers across the country. Directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy and produced by Anushka Sharma, the crime thriller-cum-police procedural set mainly in Delhi makes for an engrossing watch, showing several facets of theContinue reading “Section 295A: Paatal Lok For Filmmakers”

E-Contracts: The Changing Face of Traditional Contracts

The world is on our fingertips today because of the internet. We send thousands of messages and e-mails across the globe. This is a digital era, so traditional contracts won’t suffice. Rather, now-a-days e-contracts are coming into major play. We enter into many contracts knowingly or unknowingly. The sender sends them and the receiver agreesContinue reading “E-Contracts: The Changing Face of Traditional Contracts”