The Metro Diaries

I have seen them disperse,I have seen them scatter…In search of space, in search of a place,In search of peace, in search of solace…All at Once and now, none at all,Standing still, a little afraid to bend,A little more afraid to spend. A pack of wolves and now, just a herd,Pluck out the flowers andContinue reading “The Metro Diaries”

On the Road!

Dejected, at being left all alone, They are desperate to go back home! Miserable, that they can’t find solace, In the towns they thought were their own! Those pangs of hunger. That push them out on the road; Those empty pockets, That struggle to keep them afloat; Those heartless wretches, That make them yearn forContinue reading “On the Road!”

The One Who Got Away

I know I became involved with my own particular minimal world, Also, in some cases I have a tendency to overlook, The genuine importance of those little words, Which entered my heart the day we initially met. I look up cautiously, Fearful of being caught, By a crowd of manipulated[1] and demoralizing thoughts, And aContinue reading “The One Who Got Away”

Perhaps – The Last Aubade

{Through the tired eyes of a man of 80, at the oakwood hospital ~} Morning creaks and I see the Sunrise through the hospital window. Your silhouette blocks the brightness; Only allowing the handpicked mellow sunrays to greet me. Even while sleeping, you put yourself between me and the shards of the broken world. KeepingContinue reading “Perhaps – The Last Aubade”