Extra- Judicial Killing

To define “Extrajudicial/Encounter” killings, one can employ both substantial and procedural component of such killing and its prohibition. Either way, it all involves the haphazard deprivation of life. These extrajudicial killings have been a divisive procedure used by the police for many decades now. Substantive Extrajudicial killing requires state action in some form or theContinue reading “Extra- Judicial Killing”

Rise of Police Brutality and the Need for Better Control Measures in Recent Times

Police have been in the line of fire since the beginning of last year. Being the largest law enforcing agency, they have been entrusted with an extremely delicate duty to protect our human rights. Human rights are integral to the ethos of civil society. The founding fathers of our country incorporated them as fundamental rightsContinue reading “Rise of Police Brutality and the Need for Better Control Measures in Recent Times”

Police Encounters In India

The recent case of gang rape followed by the murder of a 26-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad sparked massive outrage throughout the country. This harrowing incident sent shockwaves across the entire nation and created ripples in the parliament as well.[1] All the four accused were arrested and, according to the Cyderabad Metropolitan police, confessed to havingContinue reading “Police Encounters In India”