Challenges to Indian Federalism

Challenges to Federalism? You’ll need to ask yourself how India can have federalism problems when it’s not a pure federalist country. Well, that’s one thing that is possible in our country. There has been a power struggle between the states and the Central government, with the Centre always trying to centralize all powers to itself.Continue reading “Challenges to Indian Federalism”

A Muslim Holocaust in India?

Murder is never an answer. No, neither is it a question and the answer to it is also not yes. We need to act like more civil beings. No wonder Todd Phillips and Steve Carrel said that today’s generation takes offence at everything. We all know that there are some iconic rivalries in this world.Continue reading “A Muslim Holocaust in India?”

Simultaneous Elections in India

An election is a process through which people choose an individual or an organization to hold public office. Since the 17th century, elections have been used as an intrinsic feature for representation in a democracy[1], wherein the people democratically elect the head of the state by their vote. In a democratic election of a state,Continue reading “Simultaneous Elections in India”

The Relationship between Extradition and Asylum

Traditionally, extradition emerged as a political concept. But with the development of Human Rights jurisprudence and the need for inter-jurisdictional cooperation in the international arena, it has assumed a more important role especially in effective dispensation of criminal justice. The concept of extradition underwent a huge change in the late 18th and early 19th centuryContinue reading “The Relationship between Extradition and Asylum”

The Changing Face of Women’s Political and Economic Participation in the Middle East – A Study

Women are becoming more prominent actors in the political sphere and they are taking meaningful roles within the state. At the same time, economic hardship have forced more and more women to work outside the house, leading to changing views about their own position in the family and also greater acceptance social acceptance amongst men.Continue reading “The Changing Face of Women’s Political and Economic Participation in the Middle East – A Study”