Agent-Principal Relationship in Contract Law- An Overview

Agent Principal Relationship in Contract Law- An Overview The principal-agent relationship arises in various instances, some of these lead to the formation of contracts. Section 182 -238 of the Indian Contracts Act[1] (Hereinafter, the Act) deals with the laws relating to Agency. To understand the concept of Agency, we need to understand the meaning ofContinue reading “Agent-Principal Relationship in Contract Law- An Overview”

Case Comment – Harshad J. Shah v. LIC of India

In the case of Harshad J. Shah v. LIC of India[1], the Supreme Court dealt very closely with the issue of apparent/ostensible authority of an agent. While considering the question whether an LIC agent carried the apparent authority to collect premium cheques from policy-bearers, the Court examined the LIC of India (Agents) Regulations, 1972 andContinue reading “Case Comment – Harshad J. Shah v. LIC of India”