Aarogya Setu: A Safe Bet?

Aarogya Setu App: an app launched by the Modi government in order to achieve or make corona free India. The disadvantage of coronavirus is that it is hard to detect and even people of India have been hiding their travel history. Also, if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 they were not aware and treatingContinue reading “Aarogya Setu: A Safe Bet?”

Data Protection Laws in India: Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 in line with the IT Act, 2000

Just dial, Yahoo[2], Microsoft[3], Google, Whatsapp, Adobe[4], LexisNexis[5], Catha way, LinkedIn, Grindr, Uber[6], Twitter and Sony[7] These are the names of some tech giants globally who collect and store loads of data on their servers. But did you know that the data on their servers has been prey to data breach numerable times making vulnerableContinue reading “Data Protection Laws in India: Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 in line with the IT Act, 2000”

Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime

The induction of computers in the late 70’s has enabled humans to achieve great degrees of success but has also raised security concerns regarding them and hence resulted in the coining of a new term ‘Cyber Crime’ which has expanded across physical and virtual borders. What is Cybercrime? According to Merriam webster cybercrime is “criminalContinue reading “Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime”

Healthcare Data Protection in India

India’s healthcare market is invariably changing. A growing healthcare market in India seems very majestic as it is expected to bring the latest medical technologies, recruitment of more employees, and improve the treatment level for us. But there can be more uncertainties, as it directly stimulates the healthcare IT sector to prevent any disclosure of critical informationContinue reading “Healthcare Data Protection in India”

Aarogya Setu: A Vulnerable Bodyguard?

In the year 2017, our nation witnessed a historical event. The Republic of India stood before the Supreme Court of India and argued that they have complete and absolute control over the privacy of their citizens. It contended that privacy was an “elitist” affair and its surveillance powers have no constitutional limits and, under theContinue reading “Aarogya Setu: A Vulnerable Bodyguard?”

Right to Privacy

The Supreme Court in M.P. Sharma and Others v. Satish Chandra[1] , the Supreme Court questioned the presence of a protected right to privacy. However, what the Supreme Court failed to answer is that whether given that right to privacy does form a separate fundamental right in the Indian Constitution, it is incorporated in anyContinue reading “Right to Privacy”

Data Encryption and Surveillance

Living amidst modern technologies comes with a number of threats and precautious that have to be taken by the individuals. In cryptography, encryption means encoding a message in such a way that only the authorized persons can use it. Unauthorized persons are denied access. The main objective of encryption is to protect private information byContinue reading “Data Encryption and Surveillance”

Regulation of Drones: A Comparative Analysis

“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society” -Bill Gates. The technology sector is developing at a faster pace than expected and is expected to grow further too. One of the examples of technological development is drones. Although they have been present in the past, they didn’t get much attention as they doContinue reading “Regulation of Drones: A Comparative Analysis”

E-Contracts: The Changing Face of Traditional Contracts

The world is on our fingertips today because of the internet. We send thousands of messages and e-mails across the globe. This is a digital era, so traditional contracts won’t suffice. Rather, now-a-days e-contracts are coming into major play. We enter into many contracts knowingly or unknowingly. The sender sends them and the receiver agreesContinue reading “E-Contracts: The Changing Face of Traditional Contracts”