The Debate on Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Socialism and capitalism refer to two forms of economic systems out of the many that exist. An economic system refers to allocation, production and distribution of resources by the government of a country. The difference between these two economic systems is that of the level of government intervention with socialism being placed at maximum andContinue reading “The Debate on Socialism Vs. Capitalism”

Lease & Gift under Transfer of Property Act, 1882

To transfer property, there is a concept for temporarily allowing transfer, widely known as ‘Lease’ & ‘Gift’. In case of lease, the property is transferred to another person for a specific period of time. However, not all the rights are transferred while transferring the property, i.e., only possession is transferred and not the ownership. TheContinue reading “Lease & Gift under Transfer of Property Act, 1882”

Overview of Patents under Intellectual Property Rights

Humans have invented a lot of things in the last few centuries and are still striving towards more invention. Inventions of fire, the wheel, steam engine, etc. are a few of many great inventions by mankind. A person invests a lot of time, money, and effort in inventing a particular thing thereby earning him theContinue reading “Overview of Patents under Intellectual Property Rights”

Intellectual Property amidst COVID-19

COVID 19, short for Corona Virus Disease 2019 has taken the world by storm. Intellectual Property has also been affected. The outbreak of the pandemic saw the cancellation or postponement of various IP events namely the ‘MARQUES Spring Meeting, the IACC Annual conference, ICANN’s Mexico meeting, and the INTA annual meeting. Certain remedial measures wereContinue reading “Intellectual Property amidst COVID-19”

Overlaps in Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property [‘IP’] refers to any creation or product of using the mind and presenting a new literary or artistic work, invention, design, symbol, images, or even names. This work is like any other property, and thus IP rights are provided for exclusive control and protection of such intangible assets. Article 27 of The UniversalContinue reading “Overlaps in Intellectual Property Law”

An Invented Inventor

The legal systems worldwide are at crossroads to review its legislation and further augment it by adding laws that deal with inventions made by Artificial Intelligence. It was 1956 when the term AI was heard[1] and 1988 when the United Kingdom became the first country, to explicitly provide Copyright for an AI work.[2] With theContinue reading “An Invented Inventor”

Property transferred to an Unborn Child under Transfer of Property Act, 1882

The term ‘property’ in its basic sense means anything which is owned by an individual and over which that individual has the right of ownership and/or possession. Basically, property is divided into two heads, i.e., movable property and immovable property – both of which can be transferred. The Act which is to be dealt withContinue reading “Property transferred to an Unborn Child under Transfer of Property Act, 1882”

Copyright Infringement w.r.t. Custom Printed Items

Custom Printed Items are a rising fad widely popular amongst all generations of people. The booming business accumulates high profits as well as customer satisfaction. Whether it be a pixelated image of a Harley Davidson on a t-shirt, or a famous scene from the infamous Harry Potter franchise on a mug, Print on Demand doesContinue reading “Copyright Infringement w.r.t. Custom Printed Items”