Decriminailisation of Abortion Laws In Northern Ireland – An End To A Grotesque Religious Culture

“Thousands of women from North Ireland have abortions every year, outside the law in their bedrooms or England. They will now be able to access normal health care,” said Goretti Horgan, a spokeswoman for the abortion-rights group Alliance for Choice”.[1] Introduction The sudden and tragic death of an Indian woman, Savita Halappanavar, has influenced oneContinue reading “Decriminailisation of Abortion Laws In Northern Ireland – An End To A Grotesque Religious Culture”

Medical Termination of Pregnancy in India 

The topic of “Abortion” or the “volitional killing of the foetus” has been a matter of dissension for ages and has been hotly debated on various platforms throughout the world. Any academic powwow pertaining to the topic of “Abortion” has always revolved around the concepts of “right of the unborn baby” and the “choice ofContinue reading “Medical Termination of Pregnancy in India ”

A Study of The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971

Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy by the expulsion of the embryo or foetus from the uterus of the mother-to-be before the period of gestation is complete. It can be classified into two types – induced and spontaneous. Induced abortion refers to voluntarily causing abortion with the help of a service provider. Spontaneous abortion,Continue reading “A Study of The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971”

Abortion & its Legal Scenario

Abortion is the consummation of pregnancy by evacuation or removal of an undeveloped organism or baby before it can make due outside the uterus. An abortion that happens without mediation is known as an unnatural birth cycle or unconstrained abortion. At the point when intentional advances are taken to end a pregnancy, it is calledContinue reading “Abortion & its Legal Scenario”

Where Does India Stand on Abortion Laws?

Abortion as a procedure to terminate a pregnancy has been practised from ancient times by midwives, nurses etc. However, the discussion about Abortion and Abortion laws came up with the second wave of feminism in the world in around 1960s where feminists aimed for civil rights and reproductive rights including the choice of abortion forContinue reading “Where Does India Stand on Abortion Laws?”

Right to Abortion

The right to abortion is one of the most important topics among the socio-legal problems of India. Abortion is multifaceted because it touches on many areas such as ethics, emotions, morals, law, etc. It is one of the most sensitive and controversial topics because it involves taking a life. It is a dilemma that whetherContinue reading “Right to Abortion”