Minors’ Participation in Protests: Balancing Rights and Restrictions

Zen Gunratan Sadavarte, a twelve-year-old from Mumbai, wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India (CJI), highlighting the death of a four-month-old baby Mohommad Jahhan due to his exposure to the frigid weather of the capital. The infant’s mother used to regularly take him to the Shaheen Bagh protest site, where women in largeContinue reading “Minors’ Participation in Protests: Balancing Rights and Restrictions”

Vizag Gas Leak Case and the NGT

In these chaotic times when human lives across the country are at stake due to the spread of COVID- 19 and everyone is forced to stay indoors, the gruesome tragedy has come as a bolt from the blue. News of the leakage of a hazardous gas called Styrene from the LG Polymers and Private LimitedContinue reading “Vizag Gas Leak Case and the NGT”