Transformation of The Indian Economy

The Corona-virus pandemic has unsheltered the overdependence of various countries on China. The ongoing crisis had brought everything to a halt in China, which sundered the subsisting “supply chains.” Various countries all over the world have paid heed to this gremlin and are now looking to branch out their “supply chains.” They are looking forContinue reading “Transformation of The Indian Economy”

The case of People v O.J. Simpson

In order to understand the OJ Simpson case, it is vital to understand the background, which led to his acquittal. The USA has been facing the problem of racism and slavery since eternity.[1] In the 1980-90s racism was a major cry of the African-Americans and which led to various movements to curb racism. At theContinue reading “The case of People v O.J. Simpson”

The Debate on Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Socialism and capitalism refer to two forms of economic systems out of the many that exist. An economic system refers to allocation, production and distribution of resources by the government of a country. The difference between these two economic systems is that of the level of government intervention with socialism being placed at maximum andContinue reading “The Debate on Socialism Vs. Capitalism”

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

Headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland, World Intellectual Property Organisation, is a global forum for Intellectual Property (IP) service, policy, and information[1]. It is a self-funding agency of the United Nations with 193 members currently. WIPO is a force for progressive change, helping the world take into account public interest and developmental needs. One of their mainContinue reading “World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)”

Firearms Law in India And Its Effectiveness

In the pre-modern societies, especially the ones strife with conflict and war, weapons were a necessity for people for self- defence and warfare. Over time, there has been a decrease in the necessity for arms in civilised societies, with an increase in government control on citizens. This change is manifested in the gun laws ofContinue reading “Firearms Law in India And Its Effectiveness”

Where does China lie on the Liability Ladder?

There is no doubt that the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has caused severe damage to people and economies of various countries across the globe. States such as Missouri and Texas in the US have moved to the courts for compensation for inflicting this “bioweapon” on the world[1]. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated, “thereContinue reading “Where does China lie on the Liability Ladder?”

Capital Punishment in the 21st century

Throughout the history of humanity, societies have used capital punishments as a tool for punishing the most heinous of the offences committed within a closed community.  While capital punishment is still practised in contemporary times, many countries have abolished it. In countries like the US, many states have temporarily put an end to capital punishmentContinue reading “Capital Punishment in the 21st century”