Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime

The induction of computers in the late 70’s has enabled humans to achieve great degrees of success but has also raised security concerns regarding them and hence resulted in the coining of a new term ‘Cyber Crime’ which has expanded across physical and virtual borders. What is Cybercrime? According to Merriam webster cybercrime is “criminalContinue reading “Cyber Crime: A Modern Crime”

Fake Forwards: A Swarm of Hoax Reality

Fake forwards mean false news or misinformation spread unprecedently to intentionally or unintentionally deceive people. It also includes the term ‘unverified news’ under its ambit which essentially means that there might be a slight possibility that the news is true but is still being propagated around with no confirmation of authenticity of facts. Introduction InContinue reading “Fake Forwards: A Swarm of Hoax Reality”